Ok, it's all over. Congratulations and good show to Hank Golden, who clinched it Saturday night. And a special mention to the cleverly-named So Sue Me Susan, who only barely escaped the Lanterne Rouge award, but does earn the karma award for this year.
And thanks to you all for participating once again!
I've made up dummy standings/point totals assuming each of the possible eight outcomes of this weekend's games. I have not figured out who wins under the tiebreaker.
UConn beats OK St.| OK St. beats UConn.| UConn beats Ga Tech. | Ga Tech beats UConn. | OK State beats Duke. | Duke beats OK St. | Duke beats Ga Tech. | Ga Tech. beats Duke. |
Yes, in fact one player did have Nevada: Third Table.
Scoresheet/standings page is open. I count 70 players (unofficially).
Online picksheet is closed here.
A new year begins...3/14/2004
Note that the NCAA now doesn't use "Regional" names, but rather we must refer to them by their host city names. Picks should be open tomorrow sometime (Monday). still $20.
And everyone lived happily ever after...
Update (4/3/03) --Remember, I'm out of town until Wednesday.
Only eight possibilites left; I think this is how it shakes out: (current points = before Final Four weekend; Headings indicate championship game and winner. Bold indicates player wins in that situation)
Handle current pts KS/Tx-Tx KS/Syr-Syr KS/Syr-KS KS/TX-KS MQ/TX-Tx MQ/TX-MQ MQ/SYR-Syr MQ/Syr-MQ
Rock Jayhawk 104 109 104 104 109 109 109 104 104
Spiderman 103 114 103 103 108 119 113 108 108
Bent 100 111 100 100 105 111 105 100 100
Monkey Guess 99 104 99 99 104 104 104 99 99
Eyeball Pipeline 92 97 102 108 103 92 92 97 97
Update (4/3/03)
Possible winners are: Spiderman (five chances) and Rock Jayhawk (two chances) and Eyeball Pipeline (one chance).
Other folks, you hardly got a chance.
Update (3/29/03)
One little thing I forgot to mention: I'll be in New York during the championship game; so the payoff will be Wednesday when I get back.
Update (3/23/03)
I made a typo in entering in Pitt as a winner in round 2; you may have noticed a two point discrepancy for a few hours Sunday until I fixed it. (Thanks for bringing it to my attention JB.)
Update (3/18/03)
The decision explained below is final.
Update (3/17/03)
The rules committee is nearing a decision, most likely the following: The bracket picks will open tomorrow; you may not pick BYU beyond the second round; if BYU actually wins two games, then the entire tournament will be considered null and void. Annulled, if you will.
Yes, you read correctly: If BYU wins two games, the tournament is over and I will return your entry fee.
If you wish to discuss, go to the message board.
Update (3/17/03)
NCAA has two conflicting announcements up on the web. One says BYU will only switch dates; the other implies BYU will actually swap pods with one from the Midwest.
Update (3/17/03)
Opening of brackets delayed on account of the BYU Bungle, (or Mormon Mislocation).
Update (3/16/03)
New information coming soon. Online pick sheet will be available tonight or tomorrow. Don't worry.

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