Madness Update

I've added a way for you to see all eight possible outcomes for the Final Four Here
I'll open Wednesday night when the brackets are set. As has been the case since 2011, the NCAA now has a couple of the play-in games with actual significant seeds. Half these "first four" teams are the last four at-large teams in. That means, because of lower seeded automatic berths (e.g., a weaker conference's champion) these at large teams will have seeds up around 11 or higher.
I've decided that I'm going to void Bankshot's Louisville pick in the regional final. This is *nothing* he did intentionally, just a weird vortex in space time the unfortunately I'd never seen in all the years running this thing. Thanks to Bankshot for being a good sport about it all.
Toonces has pointed out, correctly, that Bankshot's FF include a team (Louisville) he didn't have in the Elite Eight. I think I've figured out how this happened; it can happen if you trip an audit error (such as no email/phone), then go "back", then change a pick, it may not go through the pick audits to make sure you pick from previous winners. I'll have to fix this on the back end for next year.
After the games last night I updated the scores but the copy I uploaded to the site was missing the Florida game, so it may have misled folks. Sorry!
The "Obama" picks are not eligible to win. A regular entered a second sheet mirroring the President's public picks, not realizing our pool doesn't allow multiple sheets per player.
OK. For this year, 2011, thanks to the screwball NCAA inclusion of 4 new teams, I've decided to simply hold off on starting the pool until the 64 teams are decided. That is, I will not open until Wednesday night.
Unoffficially 64 players. 40 of whom had Kansas as their champ.
I hope to have this open tomorrow, 3/16.
Many of the links didn't survive the migration from the old server last year, and I still haven't repaired them all. So sue me.
I will send updates to all fans of this facebook page.
I won't have standings up until tonight. Due to the relocation of the site to the new server, there are some differences in the way I keep track of the standings. I can't do it as easily from multiple sites as I could in the past.
Ok, people, I don't have the standings up yet because there are still some up-in-the-air entries. Look, I need $, I need a name, and I need a handle. If John Smith pays $20, how am I supposed to know that that money goes with entry Bill Green (aka "Green Hornet")?
A new season. I had to make some changes. Please see the rules. Entry for new players is closed. If you did not play last year, you can't play this year. If you didn't play last year but played before and want to play, email me at madness at gavenda dot com. I got tired of winners not even coming to pick their winnings up or phone calls in the middle of the night (last year) wanting to how someone was going to get their winnings. I figure one way to keep this down is if I know who is involved.
A new season. I'll have the pick entry open this evening. You may have noticed I've added several rss news feeds which update constantly to keep you brainiacs informed. (If they don't update, that's because ESPN or whoever is not updating their feed.) I hope to also have this page (updates.rss) posting rss updates so you can get them yourself in your preferred newsreader.
Oh, almost forgot. You can now get to my Madness site from This should be easier to remember or write down or enter into your cell phone browser. It just redirects to the same old page here.
Well, congratulations Joe Friday. I have been asked if this is the most unpredicted of all the madnesses. I don't know. But some interesting tidbits: Not a single player out of the 68 had the champion picked, and this was known before the Final Four. I'm pretty sure this hasn't happened before. Also, the winning total of 97 points (no body is going to pick up anything tomorrow night) may not have been the lowest total to win, and not that far from the top in some other years. However, in 2001 that would have barely been on the first page of the leader board--27th place to be precise.
I may have made a mistake entering George Mason's surprising victory; I may have been a step ahead of myself and given credit for their Regional Final game before I gave them credit for their regional semi-final game. Would make maybe a point difference, but if you are battling for top spot that might make a difference. This total may have been wrong for a day. But you know what? Nobody picked them so it don't matter none.
Wow, a whole year went by and I never updated the "update" page. Oh well. This bracket from the NCAA doesn't have the teams filled in yet. And notice that I've put up some historical archives for those of you who want to trace the history of your picks.